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When attending major events or occasions like weddings, banquets, showers, and celebrations, people typically do not pay attention to chairs. However, it is impossible to ignore their connection with the overall aesthetic appeal of the occasion where they are used. For this reason, event planners and wedding stylists go to great lengths to ensure the chair decor they choose, whether elaborate or basic chair covers and accessories, is appropriate for the setting. 

Here is a valuable guide if you are having trouble selecting wholesale chair covers or the appropriate chair decor for a special event. Decorative Chair Covers

5 Factors in Choosing Chair Covers for a Special Event - UrbanMatter

Chair seat covers are charming chair decorations that can be used to spruce up drab and boring chairs and cover up noticeable dings and scratches on the legs and other parts of the chair. 

The most popular chairs are folding, banquet, and chiavari. Chiavari chairs are simple to identify, unlike folding and banquet seats, which can be confusing to differentiate. Banquet chairs have straight backs, but foldable chairs have tilted ones, making this distinction between the two chairs more noticeable. A fashionable chair cover can precisely fit any metal or plastic chair, whether a square banquet chair or a round-top folding chair.

The size of the chair covers and sashes to be used depends on the size of the actual chairs. The chair covers must be snug but not too tight, and the chair sashes shouldn’t be so big that they dominate the chair rather than enhance it. Chair sashes come in two standard widths of 6 and 8 inches, with an average length of around 108 inches. 

Although 8 inches is the most typical width being used, you can change this to suit your preference. Typically, wider ones appear more beautiful. However, 4 to 6 inches is considered the ideal bandwidth for spandex.

Lycra, fitted linen, spandex, and lycra-free flow are frequently used in chair coverings to achieve a proper fit. Sashes are available in various materials, including satin, l’amour, organza, and damask taffeta. Meanwhile, spandex bands are frequently combined with spandex chair covers.

Use a color palette depending on the primary color chosen for the event to avoid color collisions. Additionally, you must ensure that the tablecloth and decorations match the color of the covers and sashes. Unless the theme color and style are similarly monochromatic, try to avoid monochromatic setups where the chair coverings and sashes are nearly the same

Undoubtedly, chair covers are a fantastic addition to the design of any event at CV Linens . Whether it’s a corporate dinner party, a formal luncheon, a wedding reception, a birthday party, a graduation party, or some informal gatherings, selecting the appropriate chair covers will help you deliver a stylish statement. For example, choose spandex chair covers for an outdoor business event or trade exhibition, while polyester chair covers are ideal for casual gatherings.

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5 Factors in Choosing Chair Covers for a Special Event - UrbanMatter

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