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Life can be stressful (understatement of the year, am I right?), and it’s more important now than ever that we invest in our self-care. That can mean treating yourself to new bedding to improve your sleep, starting a new skincare routine that just feels right, or swapping in snacks that make you feel as good as they taste. Or, if ~aromatherapy~ is something that tickles your fancy, it can mean bringing in an essential oil diffuser to add Good Vibes™ to your home.

Diffusers are lovely additions to just about any space—and make a ton of sense in say, an office, bedroom, bathroom, or yoga studio—because they give all the joy of a candle, without the risk of burning down the house. Some essential oils are also said to help improve health and mood, and when diffused, can even help humidify a space. Talk about multipurpose, baby!

Been sleeping on the diffuser game? Dontchu worry my friends, because I’ve rounded up the best essential oil diffusers you can buy on Amazon right this very second (because we all know that’s where you’d look anyway). Plus, I put ‘em together all nice and pretty for you down below. Scroll through to find the best diffuser for you, and prepare to click “Add to Cart” immediately (but don’t blame me when you suddenly have a whole drawer dedicated solely to your new oils).

If you want…a lot of features.

ASAKUKI Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

I’m channeling my inner Liz Lemon as I exclaim: You can have it all…at least when it comes to diffusers! This small-but-mighty machine is everything you could ever dream of when buying an essential oil diffuser. That’s because it’s packed with features designed to make your home look, smell, and feel great—all of which you can control with the included remote. At just the click of a button, you can customize the color scheme, scent diffusion, mist strength, machine timer, and more.

Glowing review: I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is, but this diffuser/humidifier has reached warlock status in my home. For the price, I had fairly low expectations — but I wanted something with a large tub, and this met that mark, and so I ordered it. The description said that it would run 10-16 hours on the low mist continuous setting. I thought that would be perfect for an overnight diffuser/humidifier. YOU GUYS. This thing has been running for 24 hours now, continuously, and the oils have not yet evaporated—they’re still aromatic and diffusing with the water! … Allllllllll of this to say, I’m very pleased with this purchase. Win! Win! Win!

If you want…something super dependable.

Vitruvi is a known leader in the diffuser game—and I can say from experience that they know what they’re doing. This adorable stone option looks like a piece of art, and tbh, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought it was a cute lil flower vase. But beyond ~aesthetics~ you can trust this baby to fill your home with lovely scents and not conk out on you after just a week or two of usr. It is good—nay, great—quality, my friends. Trust.

Glowing review: After researching, this diffuser cost a little more than others, but the design and quality more than justified the price difference. I’ve seen other diffusers and they are all plastic and feel/look cheaply made. This Vitruvi model really is stone, which adds value and appeal to my whole apartment. Also, it’s smaller than other brands out there, so fits in well as an accessory.

If you want…your car to smell fre$h.

Whether you’re hauling around sweaty gym clothes, fast-food bags you should have thrown away weeks ago, or stinky shoes from your last night out on the town, there are many reasons why your car might need a scent refresh. This mini diffuser does just that—and it can pack a pretty serious punch despite its size.

Just fill it with water and a couple of drops of your fave oil, then plug it into the aux power outlet and hit the “on” button. Not only will it fill your car with fragrance, but it’ll also act like a humidifier (chapped lips, who?). Your morning commute *may* still suck, but at least you’ll have aromatherapy on your side!

Glowing review: I am in LOVE with this! If you are looking for an oil defuser for your car—just stop and order this one. It arrived so quickly, is bigger than I expected (this is a good thing), suuuuper easy to set up and use, and works perfectly! I love the two settings—I use the second one that sprays intermittent for aromatherapy.

If you want…a smart (aka app-controlled) diffuser.

Pura Smart Home Fragrance Device Starter Pack

So, I’m lowkey obsessed with Pura. Like, I gifted one to everyone in my family last year obsessed. The concept is truly brilliant: It’s a diffuser that can be completely controlled using an app on your phone. Simply pop in two of the oils, and the app will let you pick which scent you want to diffuse, how strong you want the scent to be, and when you want it to begin—and stop—diffusing, all from your phone.

Because you’re in control, you don’t have the oil diffusing all day long, like a standard air freshener. That means you save soooo much oil, which is a precious, precious commodity if ya ask me. (P.S. The starter packs come with two free scents!)

Glowing review: I have 6 Pura devices in my house now, they are constantly coming up with new scents and partnerships with big candle/fragrance brands. I always get compliments from my friends who visit my house about the smell and the app is so easy and awesome to use. Great work Pura, you guys got a customer for life.

If you want…a twofer.

Pure Enrichment PureGlow 2-in-1 Himalayan Salt Lamp & Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

If there’s one thing in this world I will never get sick of, it’s a good twofer. Which is why I simply *had* to add this diffuser to the list. Not only does it diffuse your most ~essential~ essential oils, but it also doubles as a salt lamp, made of 100-percent Himalayan pink salt rock.

You can use the two functions together or separately—the diffuser helps humidify and deodorize any room, and the salt lamp is said to help ionize the air when it’s heated up. I’m not saying you have to put this wherever you do yoga or meditate, but I mean…you probably should.

Glowing review: Even more beautiful in person! I love the touch setting for the light…has 5 levels for light strength. Very easy to fill. I use bottled water only and my favorite essential oils. The smell fills the whole house. This diffuser is a beauty! And conversation starter. Better than expected. You won’t be disappointed. LOVE it!

If you want…a waterless option.

Sometimes you don’t need—or even want—your entire house to be filled with fragrance. And for those times, you need this diffuser. This tiny guy is perfect for small spaces—think: bathrooms, cars, offices, and guest bedrooms. It’s also innovative for a couple of other reasons, like the fact that it’s waterless (a felt pad soaks up the essential oils and an internal fan carries the scent) and that it’s portable (powered by either USB or AAA batteries).

Should you put one in every small space you can think of? Probably. Especially at this price point.

Glowing review: If you need something small, then this diffuser is for you. I prefer heavy oil, so scent dispensing is not a problem for me, but its small size and battery-driven are what I Iove—bring it anywhere and use it anytime!

If you want…Amazon’s top seller.

Pure Daily Care Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

This bad boy has a four-and-a-half star rating and more than 51,800 reviews, so you can confidently say it is tried and true. And at just under $40 for the machine and 10 essential oils (including fragrances like lavender, spearmint, lemongrass, jasmine, and more), you might as well try it for yourself.

It’s also got plenty of cool features, like the ability to change color and light combinations, plenty of timer settings, and an auto shutoff feature in case you fall asleep because you’re just so damn soothed.

Glowing review: I’ve had many diffusers in my life and this one in my favorite! It really does a good job at diffusing the essential oils- and it’s a nice, neutral color … Everyone in the office loves to stop by my desk because of this diffuser! I can’t believe I got this diffuser and all the oils for the price I paid! That is unheard of in the stores.

If you want…a great gifting bundle.

Neom Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser

This pick may be a lil more $$$ than some of the others on this list, but I promise you it’s well worth it. NEOM is a luxury organic fragrance company based in London (you gotta try their candles, too), and every item I’ve tried from them has been high-qual as hell.

This bundle includes their ceramic, pod-shaped diffuser, as well as one of their most popular essential oils: the Happiness blend, which has notes of neroli, mimosa, and lemon. Buy one for your favorite friend to win the title of “gift giver of the year,” or keep it for yourself as the ultimate essential oils starter pack.

Glowing review: This was a present for my wife. Why? Because she keeps using the one she bought me for my birthday. Now we have a his and hers. They are absolutely brilliant. They really do relax you and give you a sense of calm. (Review for diffuser alone.)

If you want…something you can move around.

Yes, another Vitruvi pick, and you better believe it’s just as fab as the first one. Say adios to ugly, tangled cords with this diffuser, which is…drumroll please…completely! portable! It’s got a rechargeable battery that can keep it running full-speed ahead for either a consistent four-hour cycle or an intermittent eight-hour cycle, and it’s super easy to charge (just pop it on the included base).

This sleek lil cutie is perfect for those with big homes, or those who have lots of different spaces where they want to enjoy aromatherapy (like an office, gym, etc.). So long as it’s charged, you just grab and go!

Glowing review: Plug it in and charge it and you are good to go. Being wireless you can put it anywhere. I put this up high where there is no outlet, so it gives you options. Everyone wonders where that awesome smell is coming from.

If you want…something that doubles as decor.

ZEIGGA LAB Essential Oil Diffuser

I mean…it’s hard to deny this guy is pretty darn cute. And that it looks way more expensive than it is. If you’re looking for a diffuser that blends in with your home decor (and even adds a certain ~je ne sais quoi~), you should probably purchase immediately.

Not only do the white, scalloped cover and light-wood base go with pretty much every aesthetic, but everything about this pick is subtle—from the soft lighting options to the gentle mist.

Glowing review: Love this!!! I have a smaller diffuser that just wasn’t filling the whole room, so I purchased this one and I love it! Very quiet, easy to use, and not cheap looking like some diffusers. Is very well made and a beautiful accent piece for the room.

If you want…something super quiet.

One thing that any diffuser owner will tell you is that it’s incredibly important that the model is whisper quiet. It kinda sorta ruins the whole ~peaceful~vibe when your diffuser is gurgling and sputtering like a nasty cough while you’re trying to relax, ya feel?

If you’re looking for a guaranteed-quiet option, check out this pick from Wanlola. The diffuser uses upgraded ultrasonic technology, and a special structure within the humidifier makes sure noise is kept to an absolute minimum, so it won’t disturb you while you work, sleep, read, or meditate.

Glowing review: I love this diffuser!! I have used it every day since I received it… Runs quiet, was very easy to set up, releases a nice, steady, fragrance all day and looks a lot more expensive than it was … Extremely happy with my purchase!!

If you want…a budget pick.

Sometimes you don’t want to do a ton of research, and just want to know you’re getting something that will work like it’s supposed to and won’t break your budget. That’s where this model from BULLEOO comes in.

This diffuser is trusty—it’s made of high-quality materials and has plenty of positive reviews—and falls near the bottom of the price range when you’re looking at similar options. People like it, and we think you will too. Especially for under $30.

Glowing review: This diffuser is great and efficient—it’s sturdy and well-made out of ceramic. It diffuses essential oils effectively throughout the entire room. 100% worth the money. Best diffuser I have used!

If you want…to add some greenery.

TAOYANG Artificial Succulent Potted Oil Diffuser

Ha, tricked you! Bet you thought this was a cute lil succulent garden, didn’t ya? It’s actually a diffuser, housed in a very real-looking faux plant, and you definitely need it for your bookshelf (or desk, or nightstand, or literally anywhere else).

Set it to run continuously for six to eight hours or intermittently for 10 to 15 hours, and you’ll have a fresh-smelling sanctuary in no time. There’s also a potted lavender option if you’d rather a purple pick over the succulents!

Glowing review: This actually looks like a plant not some cheap plastic-looking thing. The lavender scent is lovely in this and it is so easy to use!

If you want…it to look like it came from Versailles.

Levoair Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

If you’ve got princess taste but a pauper budget, this pick is for you. If it weren’t for the itty-bitty button on the side (which controls both the timer and color), I’d assume this was a nifty trinket stolen from a palace—perhaps to hide fine jewelry or house delectable little treats. (I’m getting too carried away here, aren’t I?)

Regardless, this thing is chic, and looks hella expensive despite the $65 price tag. It’s also whisper-quiet, easy to operate, and uses ultrasonic technology. I’ll take two, s’il vous plait!

Glowing review: This is a beautiful oil diffuser. I love having and using natural products and this beautiful glass diffuser with its wooden base is really nice. It has a color-changing feature which puts on a soothing display!

If you want…to wake up to a great scent.

HoMedics SoundSpa Slumber Scents Alarm Clock

Forget about your iPhone for a sec. There’s a new alarm clock in town—and this one smells good. This short ‘n’ stout stunner is technically five different machines in one. It’s an essential oil diffuser, yes, but it’s also an alarm clock, sound machine, nightlight, and Bluetooth speaker. When you think about it like that…what a bargain, baby.

Because it’s got so many features, it’s super customizable—wanna go to sleep with rain sounds playing and the scent of lavender pumping? You got it. Would you rather drift off to white noise, the smell of oranges, and a peaceful purple glow? You can have it all!!!

Glowing review: This machine does it all. Will definitely be buying another one, everyone in the house wants one. The speaker is great, Bluetooth is very easy to use. The aroma mist is not too thick and is quiet. It also has a USB port on the back for charging your other devices!

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